Accreditation background

Facilities bearing the Changing Places logo are those built according to one of the three standard plans detailed in this guide or are based on alternative or modified plans which have been approved by Changing Places.

Please note: It is required that accredited Changing Places facilities be built in addition to and separate from required Unisex Accessible Toilets. This is to ensure that the needs of both groups of toilet users are met without compromise.
The Changing Places initiative will continue to support Adult Change Facilities which do not meet the requirements for accreditation by including them on the Changing Places and National Toilet location map.

Why is accreditation necessary?
Until Changing Places design specifications become a building code requirement, Changing Places Australia must ensure design consistency and quality control. In order to be classified as a Changing Places, facilities MUST undergo accreditation. This process ensures that all facilities which bear the Changing Places logo meet necessary standards and consistently meet the expectations of the people who use them as well as their carers.
Who can accredit Changing Places?
Please go to the find a consultant page of the website or contact ACD to find an appropriate person to accredit your facility. For any enquiries related to accreditation, please email or contact Joshua Derezyckyj on 03 9880 7000.

When should the accreditation process begin?

The accreditation process needs to begin at concept/ schematic design review all the way through to final application and sign-off. Typically the accreditation process involves:


If you have a facility that is currently being built or is already built then please contact us to find out what needs to be done to register your facility.

How do I apply for accreditation?

Once an  Access Consultant  has completed your accreditation, he or she will provide you with certification. You need to submit this along with a completed Changing Places registration form. When we receive your application you will be contacted within 5 business days. Upon successful accreditation you will receive a Changing Places accreditation pack which contains the Changing Places® signage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All net proceeds of this accreditation will support the operation of Changing Places Australia.

What Does the Accreditation Pack include?

The Changing Places® accreditation pack includes:

  • Changing Places® official signage*
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Letter of acknowledgement
  • Signage instructions

*Changing Places® is a registered trademark and Changing Places Australia® is the sole provider official Changing Places signage. If a facility does not pass accreditation then it will not be provided with signage. If a facility bears Changing Places signage and has not been accredited, then the owner of that facility is required to remove all signage until it has passed accreditation. Bearing the Changing Places signage on a facility that has not been accredited is not permitted and breaches Intellectual Property Laws ( Trade Marks Act 1995).

Promotional Support

Newly accredited facilities are provided with promotional support to ensure that all the relevant users and stakeholders know about your new facility. Typically, Changing Places Australia® will provide you with a:

  • Changing Places® toilet map listing
  • National Toilet Map listing
  • Social media post on the Changing Places® Facebook page
  • Mention in the news section of our website
  • Mention in the Changing Places® email newsletter

Please contact Joshua Derezyckyj via email at or call 03 9880 7000 if you require further information.