Master Locksmiths Access Key

Many Changing Places require a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) in order to use the facility. MLAKs have been fitted to many Changing Places across Australia, including:

  • council municipalities
  • sports and entertainment venues
  • national parks
  • playground equipment ‚Äì such as Liberty Swings.

The MLAK gives people with disabilities and their carers access to a network of facilities, seven days a week; including many Changing Places.


How to get an MLAK

An MLAK can be ordered from the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia Ltd by completing the MLAK Order Form. The key can be purchased by people with disabilities, their carers, assistants and support workers, and Changing Places facility owners. It is recommended that facility managers arrange to have an MLAK available in a location near the Changing Places facility at all times the venue is open to the public. For example, the MLAK may be kept at a reception desk or at a nearby business such as a local café. There should be clear signage at the Changing Places facility to indicate the location of the MLAK. The availability of an MLAK supports users who do not have a key with them.


For more information about the MLAK system, or to get an MLAK application form visit the Master Locksmith Association of Australia website:

Do all Changing Places require an MLAK?

It is up to each venue to determine how to manage their Changing Places facility. However, experience shows that it is better to have the facility locked to deter vandalism and misuse. A key-operated system using the MLAK ensures that Changing Places facilities are only used by the people who require them. Changing Places that use the MLAK are more likely to be kept clean and provide a safe environment for the people who use them.  Note: The National Construction Code does not require the use of an MLAK.