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The refreshed Changing Places design specifications 2020 replace the Changing Places Information Guide and Technical Standard, June 2017.

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Changing Places Design Competition

There are currently 180 registered Changing Places facilities in Australia that meet the required technical specifications. Changing Places users and carers can spend in excess of 20 minutes in a Changing Places facility. In addition to meeting the technical...

Accessibility From the Onset

Meet John Kenwright, Accessibility & Inclusion Coordinator at Parks Victoria and the brains behind programs such as the TrailRider all-terrain wheelchair program and The Walk in the Park program, designed in tandem with Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria....

A toilet expert’s view on Changing Places

If anyone knows toilets, it’s Katherine Webber. “I see toilets as really key to enabling participation in all parts of society – whether that’s school, work, activities in the community. They’re essential,” says Katherine.  Katherine could see just how important...