Today marks the second Changing Places Awareness Day and 11 years since the campaign began! The day is an opportunity to celebrate all that the campaign has achieved and help raise more awareness of the life changing difference Changing Places toilets make to peoples lives.

This year is particularly important as the U.K will soon be reaching the important landmark of having 1000 registered Changing Places toilets!

In Australia we have made significant progress in the past year, with just over 30 registered Changing Places and 50 Adult Change Facilities built to date across Australia!

Spread the word! Share your story or take a selfie outside a Changing Place and let others know how Changing Places has impacted your life!

If you would like to share a story please email JoshuaD@acd.org.au or visit our Facebook page.

If you would like to register a Changing Place please click here. If you care looking for a Changing Places location please click here.