Changing Places campaign for Sydney Olympic Park



Campaign group: The Ella Centre

Campaigning for: A Changing Place facility at Sydney Olympic Park

I work at a community Centre in Sydney’s Inner West in a team of people who are passionate about assisting people with high support needs. One place that some of the people we support like to go is Sydney Olympic Park. There are lots of great facilities and events throughout the year their such as the Easter Show, sporting events, the gymnastics Centre and parklands. Unfortunately, without changing places where we can safely attend to a person’s personal care needs, access to these events and facilities is either cut short or not achievable.

As a worker, it’s awful to be placed in the position where you have to decide between not taking someone somewhere they want to go, or, taking them knowing there is a high chance they will have to spend much of the day in soiled clothing. It’s even worse for the person who’s access is denied due to a lack of amenities.

We would like you to contact the Sydney Olympic Park Authority and tell them why they need to install changing places. With your help we can make this public space more available to everyone in our community.

Jessica and the staff at the Ella Centre are looking for others to join their campaign group and help them achieve a Changing Place at the Sydney Olympic Park. If you would also like to see a Changing Place at the Park please contact Jessica Isles by clicking the actionlink below

Alternatively, contact us on or 03 9818 2000.


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Get in touch with Jessica for further information and to find out how you can support this campaign