All Changing Places must be approved by a Changing Places Assessor. The accreditation process ensures that Changing Places are built to standard so that users can be confident that the design is fit for purpose. Accreditation provides facility managers with peace of mind, knowing that if they build to the Changing Places design, they will be compliant with the recently introduced National Construction Code requirements for Accessible Adult Change Facilities (F2.9 and Specification F2.9), if applicable.

Facility managers wishing to have their facility accredited as a Changing Places facility must engage a Changing Places Assessor. It is strongly recommended that facility managers engage a Changing Places Assessor prior to the construction of a Changing Places facility to assess project documentation at the following three stages:
Stage 1: Schematic design review
Stage 2: Construction documentation review
Stage 3: As-built final review.
This three-stage process identifies issues or concerns at the early stages of the building process to ensure that Changing Places facilities are built to the correct design specifications.


Stage 1.
Schematic design

Stage 2.

Stage 3.
As built final

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