Changing Places Technical Advisory Team

Bruce Bromley

Bruce has over 35 years’ experience in disability access, architectural design, documentation and project management and is an accredited access consultant with the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia. Bruce has provided disability access consulting services on a range of large and complex projects in the private and government sectors – residential, retail, commercial, educational, public, health, aged care, aviation, public transport and industrial. Bruce is also passionate about emergency evacuation and specialises in procedures and policy for people with disability. He is on the Australian Standards Development Committee FP-017 that develops

AS 3745 Emergency Management Procedures. Bruce is at the forefront of accessibility in Australia and this technical expertise saw him, co-author, the technical standards for Specialist Disability Accommodation 2019 and the Changing Places information guide and technical standards that provide the industry with a set of guidelines to provide enhanced change and sanitary facilities for adults with a disability.


Helen Fearn-Wannan

 Helen is an access consultant, accredited with the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia and a registered occupational therapist with nearly 20 years’ experience in the area of building access, design and modification. Helen previously worked with Scope Victoria where she had the opportunity to work closely with people with high support needs and the people who support them. It was here that Helen developed the specialist skills of understanding how people, space and technical equipment, including hoists and change tables, all need to work together to provide a change facility that meets everyone’s needs with dignity and in safety. Helen has been involved with Changing Places since its inception. The team developed the Changing Places design and technical reference for use in Australia and has been involved in the design and accreditation of over 30 Changing Places. Hearing the stories of how people’s lives are being improved through the provision of Changing Places makes it all worthwhile. Helen works for Architecture & Access and consults at all stages of documentation on a broad range of building projects including community, educational, commercial, health and government projects. She has championed the inclusion of Changing Places facilities in many settings and has recently seen their inclusion in university, community, aquatic, commercial and health projects.


Francesca Davenport 

Francesca Davenport is an architect and an accredited member of the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia. Francesca specialises in design for healthcare, aged care, rehabilitation and accessibility, incorporating universal design principles. Her personal experience with mobility impairment and close involvement with issues of deafness and blindness have given her an invaluable insight into the requirements for access provisions for all. She is a member of the National Access Work Group of the Australian Institute of Architects and was its Convenor from 2004 to 2014. In 2016 she was elevated to Life Fellow for her contribution to the advancement of the profession through the promotion and development of accessible design and guidelines. In 2015 Francesca joined the team at Architecture & Access after leading the Health Science Planning Consultants Disability Access Consultancy for over 11 years. She has been a member of the Changing Places Technical Advisory Team since its inception in 2013.