Getting started

Thinking about installing a Changing Places toilet? Luckily the Changing Places project has done most of the leg work for you. In our Changing Places kit you will find ready-made schematics and cost estimates.

Our Technical Advisory Team has developed three designs which incorporate the right circulation space and best practice principles to offer the most convenient experience for Changing Places users.

To be eligible for Changing Places accreditation, facilities must be built either using these designs or alternative layouts which offer a similar circulation space. We encourage all builders and architects to familiarise themselves with the accreditation process and submit their schematic design to an Accredited Access Consultant competent in Changing Places design before commencing construction.

If you cannot build according to these specifications, are adapting an existing toilet or are adding an adult change facility to an existing building we recommend that you consult with us so we may provide guidance on how to make the most out of your facility. Contact if you would like further information or advice.

Download the AUTOCAD files

Explore the three Changing Places design options using AUTOCAD. Please contact us for a copy of the files.

Register your facility

Complete the registration form and submit to Please contact us for the latest form.

View Changing Places designs

View Changing Places design options and costings on the website