Changing Places® Design Training


Accredited Access Consultants

Registered Assessor Training

Training is currently being developed for Accredited Access Consultants who are members of ACAA. This training will enable them to become a registered assessor and upon completed will be able to provide accreditation and final sign-off for Changing Places®.

Associate Access Consultants

Accreditation Training

Training is currently being developed for Associate Access Consultants who wish to be able to conduct Changing Places® Accreditation. Associate Consultants will learn how to accredit a facility but will require final sign-off from a registered assessor. Only an Accredited Access Consultant and ACAA member can become a Registered Assessor.

Understanding Changing Places® Design and Purpose

Training is currently being developed for other industry professionals such as Building Surveyors, Access Officers and Architects and equipment suppliers. This short course will provided them with critical knowledge to ensure an adequate understanding Changing Places® design principles and the purpose of the facilities.

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