Changing Places designs for Australia

There are three recommended Changing Place design options. If you would like your facility to bear the Changing Places logo, you must design according to these specifications or according to a variation which has been approved by the Technical Advisory team. Download the Changing Places Information Guide & Technical Standard for detailed information on Changing Places features and design elements. If you would like assistance modifying the Changing Places designs to suit your specific project please contact us.

Click one of the designs below to see the layout in greater detail.

The Changing Places specification, designs and CAD file drawings were developed by the Changing Places Technical Advisory Team (Bruce Bromley, Helen Fearn-Wannan and Francesca Davenport).

Option 1A

Download the AUTOCAD files

Explore the three Changing Places design options using AUTOCAD.

Option 1B

Option 2

Alternative Layouts

It is recognised that a variety of situations and building constraints may not allow the construction of Changing Places as detailed in one of the option layouts. The information provided in this section is to allow alternative layouts to be developed which still meet the intent and the purpose of Changing Places.

For this reason, circulation spaces have been outlined to define the clear unobstructed circulation spaces that are required around each fitting and fixture. Circulation spaces may be overlapped. Where an alternative layout achieves the required circulation spaces and includes hoist coverage of the required areas, the facility can be accredited as a Changing Place.

Variations to the requirements

Where a design varies from the requirements detailed, an assessment by an Accredited Access Consultant who has completed Changing Places Accreditation Training must be sought if the owner wants to have the facility accredited as a Changing Place.