Changing Places campaign for Chadstone Shopping Centre

Campaign group: Dianne and Brendan McCarthy

Campaigning for: A Changing Place facility at Chadstone Shopping Centre

My son Brendan is an active 27 year old man with cerebral palsy. Not having appropriate changing facilities severely restricts his ability to get out and do the things that he loves.

We live in the Chadstone area but, like so many people in Victoria, we often meet family and friends, some of whom would also use a Changing Place facility, at Chadstone Shopping Centre.  We want to be able to spend our time and money at Chadstone Shopping Centre like everyone else.

Without this amenity we have to cut our time short with our family and friends reducing the opportunities to extend our time relaxing and socialising, our shopping time is also reduced and the opportunity to participate in activities such as bowling or going to the movies become a problem.  With the continued development of Chadstone Shopping Centre it’s time to be a leader and provide this internationally recognised facility to cater for the full scope of people who visit.

Di and Brendan are looking for others to join their campaign group and help them achieve a Changing Place at Chadstone Shopping Centre. If you would also like to see a Changing Place at Chadstone Shopping Centre or would like to support them in another way you can get in touch with Di by clicking the button below.

Alternatively, contact us on or 03 9818 2000.

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