Changing Places campaign for Circular Quay


Campaign group: The Ella Centre

Campaigning for: A Changing Place facility at Circular Quay

I work at a community Centre in Sydney’s Inner West in a team of people who are passionate about assisting people with high support needs. If we had a Changing Places toilet in a central location such as  the CBD this would allow us the opportunity to access, more frequently and inclusively places and events Sydney has to offer such as parks (e.g. Hyde Park, The Botanical Gardens), galleries (e.g. The Art Gallery of NSW), museums (e.g. Powerhouse Museum, Australian Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art), Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Taranga Zoo, musical shows such as those at the Opera House, and other festivals and events held throughout the year. Additionally, we would be able to utilise public transport to visit a multitude of other places such as Manly by ferry, eastern beaches by bus, or other city locations by train to name a few.

Currently we rarely access the wider community as adequate facilities to attend to the personal care needs of the people we support do not exist. On occasions where we do plan outings, we typically choose to go places that are in close proximity and for only a brief amount of time to avoid the likely chance of someone spending a prolonged period in soiled clothing. Access to public toileting facilities should be equal for all as being included in the community in a dignified way is a basic human right as stipulated in the  Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (United Nations, 2006).

Jessica and the staff at the Ella Centre are looking for others to join their campaign group and help them achieve a Changing Place at Circular Quay. If you would also like to see a Changing Place at Circular Quay or would like to support them in another way you can get in touch with Jessica Isles by clicking the button below.

Alternatively, contact us on or 03 9818 2000.


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