Campaign to include Changing Places in the Building Code of Australia


Campaign leaders: Annette and Liam Pham

Campaigning for: The Building Code of Australia to include Changing Place facilities

The current Building Code of Australia does not have any provision for fully accessible public toilets with facilities to change an adult. This means there is no legal requirement for any new building to include a Changing Place facility. We would like to see a legal framework which requires large new developments to include facilities which would allow my son Liam and I to use the toilet in a dignified and hygienic manner.

The Building Code of Australia is up for review this year and they are accepting submissions from May 2015.

How you can support this campaign

1. Sign the petition

Last year I started a petition on asking for a change to the building and planning laws so all members of our community can have access to suitable toileting facilities. It has so far been signed by over 40,000 people and I could use some help in reaching my target of 50,000. Click here to sign the petition.

2. Provide help in developing a new standard and consulting with industry

I am working to develop an Australian Standard for Changing Places (the first step to changing the BCA). It is a long and involved process and I could use some help from anyone with experience in construction or law. I also require assistance making connections with industry to involve them in a consultative process.

3. Writing a letter of support

Changing the BCA requires a significant display of public and industry support. Please get in touch with me if you can provide a letter of support.

To support this campaign please contact Annette Pham on or 0416 212 043

Alternatively, contact us on or 03 9818 2000.


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