Questions for builders

Can I install a hoist and change table in an existing accessible toilet to create a Changing Place toilet?

Under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) or Disability Standards Act 2010 Changing Places cannot replace required disability accessible toilets and the provision of a registered Changing Places facility must be in addition to the legislated required accessible toilets.

We highly recommend the construction of a separate Changing Places facility which meets the specifications outlined in our tools for builders section.

Questions for Changing Place users

What is the difference between Changing Places facilities and other adult change facilities?

Our interactive map features two types of facilities, Changing Places facilities and toilets with adult change facilities. Changing Places facilities are built according to the guidelines and specifications outlined in our tools for builders section meaning they have all the features necessary to comfortably change an adult including enough space for two carers, height adjustable change tables, electronic hoist with safe working load of 180kg. The ones marked as having been accredited as Changing Place facilities have been checked and certified by one of our partner consultants.

The other adult change facilities which appear on our map may have some or all of these features but may not meet all of the Changing Places building criteria. These facilities have not been checked by our partner consultants.