When you’re looking to find a Changing Places facility, our map is a great place to go.

Additionally, now you can search for a Changing Places facility and other types of accessible bathrooms including Accessible Adult Change facilities using the National Public Toilet Map.

To start, visit the National Public Toilet Map website here: https://toiletmap.gov.au/

Here, you can find all sorts of accessible toilets all over the country – including Changing Places!

To search, click the find button.

Down the bottom, you’ll see a heading that says ‘your preferences are’. Click update preferences next to that.

On this pop-up, you can choose all the types of toilets you’d like to see. In our example below, we’ve ticked both Changing Places facilities and adult change facilities. That means the map will show you all the Changing Places and adult change facilities, anywhere in Australia!

Then, you can use the map to search where you are or where you might be going, and see what facilities are available on your journey. You’ll be able to see which facilities are Changing Places, because they will be pinned right there on the map. It will also give you other important information such as if an MLAK key (Master Locksmith Access Key) is needed to use the facility, as well as opening hours.

Happy Travels.