We are excited to announce that a new Changing Places Funding Round 2022 is open across Victoria.

The Andrews Labor Government is investing to ensure popular tourist destinations, community facilities and public spaces are more accessible for people living with disability.

Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers Colin Brooks announced on 19 July 2022 (International Changing Places Awareness Day) the 2022 Changing Places funding round, providing $5.4 million to build 30 new fully accessible Changing Places facilities across the state.

More than 325,000 Victorians rely on these facilities when accessing popular destinations, parks and events. 

There are now 97 Changing Places in Victoria out of 215 nationally. Each one has a height-adjustable, adult-sized change table, a ceiling tracking hoist system and additional space for carers.

Funding of up to $180,000 is available to local governments and popular tourism destinations to build these accessible restrooms.

The new grants round builds on $5 million already invested by the Government to build Changing Places facilities across Victoria, which translates to 51 Changing Places across the state.

The Labor Government is also investing $2.5 million in new Universal Design grants to improve the accessibility of community facilities and public spaces. Small grants up to $100,000 and large grants of up to $500,000 will go to building accessible infrastructure in existing facilities.

To find out more about the Universal design grants visit www.vic.gov.au/universal-design-funding-round To find out more, or apply for a Changing Places grant visit www.vic.gov.au/changing-places-funding-round

To find maps of popular tourist spots with Changing Places toilets and your closest facility visit changingplaces.org.au