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If you want the Federal Government to know that we need more Changing Places in Australia, now is your opportunity to be heard.

The Federal Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources has announced a Review of the Disability (Access to Premises – Building) Standards 2010.

Submissions are open for people with disability to submit their views until December 15, to inform the focus of the review, so it’s time to speak up.

These standards exist to ensure every person living with disability and their family members, carers and friends have equal access to public buildings.

The current review has been set up to help the Government understand if the standards are working properly, and where they can be improved.

The department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources is looking to hear from people with disability, their family, carers and friends, and disability advocates.

There will be ongoing opportunity to comment on the standards for anyone who cannot make the November 30 deadline, but earlier is better to inform the review’s direction.

Find out more and make your submission online at now or

We have created a pre-written submission for you to use, change or adapt if you find that helpful. You can send that to

You can download a copy of the submission template here, or copy the text below:

Premises Standards Review Team,
Industry Growth Division,
Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources,
GPO Box 2013, CANBERRA ACT 2601

To the Premises Standards Review Team,

We need more Changing Places in Australia.

I/someone I care for has high physical support needs, and without access to Changing Places, there are a lot of places I/we cannot go, and things that I/we cannot do.

Changing Places provide us with facilities that I/we can’t find anywhere else, even accessible toilets are not suitable to use when outside of my own house.

Changing Places include an adult sized change table, a ceiling hoist which assists carer/s to lift someone from a wheelchair safely, transfer to the toilet and change table and back. Changing Places have enough room for everyone, and is a toilet fit for purpose and enables people to use the bathroom safely and most importantly with dignity.

The national construction code has made a great start by including Adult Accessible Change Facilities (AACFs) in certain classes of buildings, and I/we would like to see more Changing Places in other building such as: hospitals and health services, universities, schools, public transport locations including premium or major train stations and public transport Interchanges, parks and gardens and at major tourist destinations.

As you review the Premises Standards, I hope you will consider everyone’s needs, and recommend ways to make Changing Places more available, including:

• Requiring Changing Places to be a part of any new building where public toilets are included,
• Aligning with other standards and guidelines such as the National Construction Code and,
• Outlining a clear complaints system that I can use when Access provisions are not good enough.
• Ensuring the Premises Standards include Changing Places with and without a shower. A shower is necessary in major transport hubs and swimming facilities,
• Including accessible adult change facilities with a shower in the NCC as soon as possible, and;
• Ensuring Premises Standards refer to the latest version of the Changing Places design specifications 2020 available at

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this submission.

<Your name>