Register a Changing Place


If you have built a facility and would like to register it as a Changing Place then please fill out the form below. Once submitted you will be contacted within 5 business days to finalise payment.

If you have built a facility that could not achieve Changing Places design requirements then you can submit your registration as an Adult Change Facility.

Register a Changing Place

  • The name of the organisation that you enter here will be the name that the Changing Places certificate will be made out to.
  • As part of the Changing Places accreditation requirements you must upload a copy of your statement of compliance. This form is provided by the Access Consultant who accredited your facility. If you are registering an Adult Change Facility then this is not required.

Changing Place registrations are required to pay a fee of $580.00 excluding GST to cover the cost of your registration and accreditation pack. To find out more about these fees please and accreditation please click here.