Hi my name is Brendan and I am 26. I enjoy a busy life doing lots of things like part-time courses, choir, going to the footy to see the Tigers play, singing, church, live concerts, local festivals and hanging out with my friends. Singing is my passion and I enjoy it. I get about in my van and use public transport a lot.

It’s fantastic when I can go out with my friends but doing that is complicated because we all have different needs. Without Changing Places my day becomes restricted to being close to home so I can have my personal care needs met. This really limits where I can go.

I am also a passionate self-advocate and I want you to know how important Changing Places are to me, not only for myself and my friends but also for tens of thousands of other children and adults with disabilities. Some people are “changed” on the floor of a disabled toilet, I don’t want this so I have to go home to have my personal care needs met. What a waste of my time when I could have the same convenience and spontaneity as you if there were Changing Places. We need Changing Places with an adjustable height change table and hoist. You and I deserve the same right to dignity, hygiene and safety. This would happen if there were Changing Places available.

Living at home with mum, dad, my brothers and sister is great but I really like to get out and enjoy life. I do pretty much the same as my brothers and sister, but I have better taste in music. One of the major differences is I know they don’t plan their days out around the only toilet they can use in the city.

Having Changing Places all over Australia would be great. They would give me the freedom to live a life with more choices about what I can do, where I can go and when I can do it – we really do need Changing Places to go places.