Liz is 28 has a bachelor of social work but finds employment opportunities are almost non existent as we have a community without toilets that meet her needs.

For the last two years Melbourne has been crowned as the most livable city in the world – that is if you don’t have a disability. We have Australian Building Standards for accessible toilets which unfortunately are discriminating in that they do not met the needs of all people with a disability.

As everything is built to standards, like so many other people with a disability, I’m left to try and engage in the community without the availability of toilets.

This is extremely limiting where leaving early has become all too familiar. Missing a concert I paid for, leaving meetings half way through, missing the end of the movie, leaving the shops without acquiring what you came for is very emotionally draining.

There are no alternatives as there is a no lifting policy for support staff so if you cannot stand up, like me, public accessible toilets are not an option, sitting in soiled pads it is not only humiliating but has impacted on my heath resulting in infections and bleeding.

I really only have one alternative and that means not to go out at all and stay at home.

The idea of being stuck inside four walls is soul destroying for me as I am an extrovert by nature with a love of people. I feel like a bird with my wings clipped.

Having Changing Places toilets would change everything and provide me with opportunities for employment, shopping, movies, concerts, visiting family and friends rather than online but best of all it would provide me a life, a life outside of four walls, alot of quality.

I have a dream!